I believe in the idea of a better 2nd District.  An idea that has our neighborhoods brought together through unity, an idea that raises the bar for our education system instead of settling for the status quo, an idea that foresees safety for our homes and our families.  An idea that is now time to put into effect.

I am running for City Council to seek a positive change that benefits all of our communities and unites us together.  Our District needs a Councilmember who knows the community and listens to their needs, someone who is responsive and has open communication, and someone who will fight for them.  We need a Councilmember who is fiscally responsible and can take on the task of being a good steward with our tax money and the city's budget while keeping our district at the center of the conversation.           

Lexington is truly an amazing city, a place that I take pride in calling my home. I want to see Lexington realize its full potential with safe neighborhoods, clean parks, new job opportunities, and a thriving social and economic community strengthened together.      

Let's keep Lexington values at heart while creating a better future for all of our neighbors.

Together, let’s make a difference.

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